English Conversation Two College Students

In this discussion two new undergrads have an early on talk and move toward becoming companions. They are sitting in the library.

Henry: Hello! May I know your name please?

Mukesh: I am Mukesh. Furthermore, what’s your great name please?

Henry: My name is Henry. I am happy to converse with you. I as of late took affirmation in B.A. English Hons.

Mukesh: I am likewise another understudy. I have taken B.A. Pass. Have you preferred this school?

Henry: Definitely. It is a presumed school. I acknowledge (appreciate, adulate) it for its strict train and great educators.

Mukesh: I concur. Library of this school is additionally great. It has a considerable measure of valuable books.

Henry: Yes, it is valid. Where do you live?

Mukesh: I inhabit Tilak Nagar, and you?

Henry: I inhabit Timarpur. What are your folks?

Mukesh: My dad is an I.A.S. officer in back service, and my mom is an instructor.

Henry: You have accomplished guardians.

Mukesh: What about your folks?

Henry: My dad is a businessperson. He sends out instant pieces of clothing. What’s more, my mom is a housewife. In spite of the fact that we have two autos yet my folks demand (request or say immovably) that

I ought to head off to college by transport.

Mukesh: I think going by transport is more agreeable. I myself drop by transport.

Henry: But I disdain transports. There is surge and they never go ahead time. State government is not dealing with the transport benefit appropriately.

Mukesh: What are your interests?

Henry: I have just a single leisure activity – playing cricket.

Mukesh: I additionally like cricket. However, I play just on Sunday. Is it accurate to say that you are a batsman or bowler?

Henry: I am a batsman. I was skipper of my school cricket group. In spite of the fact that my folks continue censuring me for my cricket fever.

Mukesh: Now the time has come to go to the class. We should meet again after the class.

Henry: Oh beyond any doubt!

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