English Conversation – Stranger for Asking for Address

Rakesh: Excuse me please. Might you be able to reveal to me the best approach to North Avenue ?

Bystander: Yes please. Go straight on this street for around 2 kms. There you will discover Fun Republic. Simply swing to left after it. You will be at North Avenue.

Rakesh: Thanks.

Bystander: Welcome.

Rakesh: (From a bystander at North Avenue) Excuse me. Where would i be able to find this house B-32?

Bystander: Whose house is it?

Rakesh: Dr. Ravi Verma’s. He is a well known individual.

Bystander: Yes. I know him. You can find this house effortlessly. (Showing towards a juice corner). Turn ideal from that juice corner, and go straight. After 60-70 stages you will discover Durga Temple on right side. Ask anyone there………

Rakesh: (From a retailer close Durga Temple). Might you be able to reveal to me where Dr. Ravi Verma lives ?

Retailer: Yes, why not. Is it true that you are his relative?

Rakesh: obviously, I am. He is my uncle. In any case, how have you gotten it ? You appear a celestial prophet ?

Retailer: (Laughing) I am not a celestial prophet. Your face looks like his face.

Rakesh: How far is his home from here ?

Businessperson: Less than 20 stages. Turn left from that point. You will see a recreation center. Dr. Verma’s kothi, having a major dark entryway, is at the corner.

Rakesh: Thanks.

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