English Conversation Practice USE of “There is / There are/ Is There” for Delhi India

English Conversation Practice

86. There is a book on the table.

87. There are twenty youngsters in the class today.

88. Is there an auto at the entryway? Yes, there is an auto at the entryway.

89. There is no water in the container.

90. There aren’t any offices in some remote schools.

91. Are there enough specialists to work in healing facilities? No there aren’t sufficient specialists to work in healing facilities.

92. There is no room in my heart for you.

93. There are no mango trees in that garden.

94. There is a religious community in our town.

95. There aren’t any mango left in the trees.

96. They can be straightforward.

97. He can be a cunning understudy.

98. It might be valid.

99. May Grace be late today? Yes, she might be late today.

00. You might be a far off relative of mine.

01. She should be a companion of yours.

02. We ought to be dutiful to our folks.

03. I ought to be timely dependably.

04. Would it be a good idea for them to be faithful to their school? Yes, they ought to be faithful to their school.

05. You should be unprejudiced to the governmental issues.

06. I generally stay faithful to my commitments.

07. He regards her a considerable measure.

08. They take care of our home.

09. She shows us music.

10. Melvin stresses over it.

11. They generally prattle about others.

12. I like a parsimonious supper.

13. We by and large loathe such individuals.

14. He looks exceptionally bustling nowadays.

15. We generally appreciate his mettle and dauntlessness.

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