English Conversation – Parents at Breakfast Table . English speaking course Delhi

Mother: Chintu! Where are you? You are getting late for school. Take your breakfast.

Chintu: What is there in the breakfast, Mom? I won’t eat apple. I’ll simply bring bread with spread.

Father: My kid, apple is useful for wellbeing.

Chintu: But I don’t care for.

Mother: Take bread and spread. I am giving you only a little bit of apple. It will enhance your mental aptitude.

Chintu: O.K. I’ll take a little piece.

Ritika: Papa, sandwitch is extremely top notch. Would you have one more?

Father: Thanks my little girl. Presently pick up the pace, you may get late for school. It is 7.20 at this point. ….. Ranjana! Have you prepared their lunch?

Mother: Yes, I have. What might you take, tea or espresso?

Father: Half glass tea. Ritika! How is your investigation going on?

Ritika: I have some issue in understanding one ballad. Would you offer assistance?

Father: Why not, remind me around evening time.

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