English Conversation Need of Change and Metro Train Delhi

Renu: Do you have change for Rs.500/ – note?

Laila: Yes, I have. What do you require it for?

Renu: I require some change for metro prepare.

Laila: How would you need it?

Renu: Please give me four hundred rupee notes and two fifty rupee notes, if conceivable.

Laila: Take three hundred rupee notes, three fifty rupee notes, and five ten rupee notes. I trust it will take care of your concern.

Renu: Definitely. I am so grateful to you.

Laila: What have I improved the situation you that you are so appreciative? I have given you five hundred rupees and you have given me five hundred. I haven’t given you any additional cash.

Renu: Still it is an assistance.

Laila: Why don’t you get a smartcard for metro? You don’t need to purchase a ticket ordinary.

Renu: Yes, I figure I should get one. It will spare a great deal of time. I won’t need to remain in the line over and over, and organize change.

Laila: I additionally have a smartcard, however I travel just a few times per week by metro.

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