English Conversation – Get a admission Computer Training Institute

Priya: Hello! Is it PC foundation?

Assistant: Yes. How might we help you?

Priya: I am Priya. I need to join your foundation for a PC course. Would you be able to give me some data?

Secretary: Certainly. Which course would you like to join? We have many courses like Basic Computer Operations, DTP, MS Office, Programming, Accountancy, Internet, equipment and so forth.

Priya: Actually I don’t have much information about PCs. I don’t know which course I should take up. I require your proposal as well.

Assistant: Before I propose you a course initially let me know why would you like to do a PC course?

Priya: I need to land a position in a decent office.

Secretary: Then I recommend you to take up Basic Computer Operations. It’ll be the best course for you. This course will make you sufficiently competent to join any great office. Thereafter you may take up another course.

Priya: Which bundles will you instruct in this course? Furthermore, what’s its length?

Assistant: MS Office, Internet, Windows and so on. It’s a three months course.

Priya: Do you have Windows XP in your PCs?

Assistant: obviously, we have. You’ll get a decent preparing here.

Priya: Do you give down to earth preparing?

Assistant: We have 5 days week – 3 days for down to earth and 2 days for hypothesis.

Priya: Would you please reveal to me the course charge?

Secretary: Rs. 1550/ – every month for three months. Confirmation expense is Rs.500/ – as it were. If it’s not too much trouble gather the points of interest from our organization between 10 am to 1 pm on working days.

Priya: I’ll come to you tomorrow. Expressing gratitude toward you especially to give me all the data.

Secretary: It’s good.

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