English Conversation Friend wants to buy a car – English Conversation Tips Examples

TEENA: Ronny, what transpired? You didn’t come to office yesterday. I called and your telephone was turned off.

RONNY: Actually my auto separated in transit.

TEENA: You could have come late.

RONNY: You know the idea of supervisor. He may have spoilt my day further.

TEENA: But why didn’t you call, and why was your telephone turned off.

RONNY: Actually I was extremely disturbed. It took me three hours to get the auto repaired. I was in no state of mind to impart to anyone in the workplace. After some time my telephone escaped battery.

TEENA: Your auto regularly separates. Why not purchase another one?

RONNY: Due to pressing family costs I am shy of cash.

TEENA: It is not troublesome. Purchase in portions. Offer your old auto. Utilize that cash as up front installment.

RONNY: Can you propose me a decent auto?

TEENA: You can go for Ritz. It is an awesome little auto – great mileage and great execution.

RONNY: I can consider. Yet, I need to think, as I am going fiscally tight you know.

TEENA: Don’t think excessively, else you will continue burning through cash on your old auto. It might likewise be devouring excessively watch.

RONNY: Yes it is valid. I figure I should purchase.

TEENA: I should loan you some cash in the event that you require.

RONNY: Oh Teen, you are truly a decent companion.

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