English Conversation – Enquiries at Computer Training Institute

Priya: Hello! Is it PC foundation?

Assistant: Yes. How might we help you?

Priya: I am Priya. I need to join your establishment for a PC course. Would you be able to give me some data?

Secretary: Certainly. Which course would you like to join? We have many courses like Basic Computer Operations, DTP, MS Office, Programming, Accountancy, Internet, equipment and so on.

Priya: Actually I don’t have much information about PCs. I don’t know which course I should take up. I require your recommendation as well.

Assistant: Before I propose you a course initially let me know why would you like to do a PC course?

Priya: I need to land a position in a decent office.

Assistant: Then I propose you to take up Basic Computer Operations. It’ll be the best course for you. This course will make you sufficiently skilled to join any great office. A while later you may take up another course.

Priya: Which bundles will you instruct in this course? What’s more, what’s its term?

Assistant: MS Office, Internet, Windows and so on. It’s a three months course.

Priya: Do you have Windows XP in your PCs?

Assistant: obviously, we have. You’ll get a decent preparing here.

Priya: Do you give handy preparing?

Assistant: We have 5 days week – 3 days for useful and 2 days for hypothesis.

Priya: Would you please reveal to me the course charge?

Assistant: Rs. 1550/ – every month for three months. Affirmation charge is Rs.500/ – as it were. If it’s not too much trouble gather the points of interest from our foundation between 10 am to 1 pm on working days.

Priya: I’ll come to you tomorrow. Saying thanks to you particularly to give me all the data.

Assistant: It’s okay.

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