Conversation between doctor and patient about fever

Hina: salutation, Dr. Basit.

Specialist: salutation, Mrs. Hina. What’s the issue with you.

H: Dr. Basit, I’m not feeling great. I have been experiencing fever throughout the previous two days.

D: Have you got your blood checked for intestinal sickness?

H: Yes, Doctor. In any case, they revealed to me that I’m not experiencing jungle fever.

D: Are you experiencing whatever other infirmity moreover?

H: Yes, Doctor. I am having awful icy, sore throat and my entire body is hurting.

D: Are regardless you having fever?

H: Yes, Doctor. I am having a slight fever even at this point. Yet, the previous evening it was very high.

D: Don’t stress. You will be good soon. Give me a chance to feel your heartbeat.

H: Doctor, I couldn’t sit, stand or stroll amid the most recent two days.

D: At this time the fever is extremely slight. I am giving you the pharmaceutical and you will be okay inside four days.

H: Doctor, I am likewise feeling a considerable measure of shortcoming in my body.

D: It’s just because of the fever. You ought not stress over this. I will give you an infusion and you will recuperate rapidly.

H: Thank you. Specialist.

D: Now open your mouth and let me look at your throat. Say Ah!

H: Ah! Ok!

D: Thank you. Your throat is by all accounts terrible.

H: Should I take some rest, Doctor.

D: Are you in administration, Mrs. Hina.

H: Yes specialist I am filling in as an English teacher in Government College.

D: O.K. I might suggest no less than seven days’ rest for you. I am certain you will completely recoup amid this period.

H: Thank you, specialist. Be that as it may, I require a medicinal declaration to apply for leave from my school.

D: All privilege. I should issue you a medicinal declaration likewise, for seven day. Presently here is your drug.

H: Please disclose to me by what means should, I take these solutions?

D: This pharmaceutical is for three days as it were. There are six containers, take one in the morning and one at night. This is the hack syrup, take one tea spoonful in the morning and one at night.

H: What about these white tablets?

D: Take one tablet of these after at regular intervals.

H: What would it be a good idea for me to eat?

D: You ought not eat any substantial or fiery sustenance. You ought to eat just light nourishment. You can take drain and furthermore eat apple.

H: How much should I pay you specialist.

D: Rupees hundred, please.

H: Here it is please.

D: Thank you.

H: Thank you specialist, I might see you following three days.

D: I trust you will be OK inside three days itself.

H: Good bye specialist.

D: Bye, Bye, Mrs. Hina.

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