Conversation at the Bank

Discussion at the Bank 

Client : Good morning. Would i be able to money a check here?

Counter representative : Please go to the principal counter on the left side.

Client : Thank you. Is it the teller framework there?

Counter assistant : Yes, sir. You will get your cash right away there.

Client : (At the principal counter) Excuse me. I need to get this check got the money for.

Counter assistant : Yes sir, please sign on the back of your check.

Client : O.K.! Here you are.

Counter agent : one moment, sir.

Client : I require thousand rupees notes as it were.

Counter agent : I am sad; I have just five hundred rupees notes. In the event that you can hold up, I will get somewhere in the range of thousand rupees notes too.

Client : Thanks! I won’t care to hold up any more. Five hundred rupees notes approve of me.

Counter agent : Here is your money, sir. If it’s not too much trouble guarantee that you. Have precisely the appropriate sum.

Client : Thank you. I might tally my cash before I take off.

Counter assistant : Thank you in particular. Have a pleasant day, sir.


Phone Banking

Official : Good morning City Bank, This is Customer benefit Department, How may I offer assistance


Client : Hello. I’d like, some data on the phone managing an account administrations offered by you.

Official : Certainly. What is your record number, sir?

Client : 85 56789000 89548 at the MG Road Branch.

Official : What might you want to know?

Client : Can you disclose to me how the phone keeping money administrations function?

Official : You can do all your everyday managing an account via phone 24 hours per day.

Client : That’s incredible. How would I get to my record?

Official : Just call 80000498, enter in your PIN number and tune in to the menu of choices


Client : How would I pick the alternative I need?

Official : Just press the number for the administration expressed by the recording.

Client : What sort of things would i be able to do?

Official : You can check your adjust, pay your bills, arrange an announcement, ask for check book, DD or much exchange cash to another bank.

Client : That’s incredible! Would i be able to exchange stocks and bonds?

Official : I’m perplexed you should have an uncommon record for that.

Client : What about getting help on the off chance that I have any issues?

Official : There’s a robotized voice-mail and staff are accessible 9 to 5 seven days seven days.

Client : It all sounds great to me. I’d get a kick out of the chance to join.

Official : Alright, would you be able to answer a couple of more inquiries please?

Client : Certainly…


Helpful Vocabulary

24 hours per day. to check your adjust.

Record number. to enter in a PIN number

Robotized voice-mail. to arrange an announcement.

Everyday managing an account. to pay bills.

Menu of choices. to join.

Phone managing an account benefit. to exchange stocks and bonds.

To get to a record. to exchange cash.


Other valuable word gathering

I need to open a record.

Might you be able to please help me to open a record?

I might want to open a shared service with my significant other.

What number of example marks do you require?

What amount do I need to store to open a present record?

I need a check book.

I need to encash this check.

Is it accurate to say that you are a client of this bank?

Yes, I am. Here is my passbook.

Might you want to store the check for leeway?

It will take around two days, since it is a neighborhood Check.

In any case, I require the cash earnestly.

Will they give me the cash today?

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