Beginners English Conversation Lessons – How Was Day At School

Mother:- Hi, dear.

Youngster:- Hi……:)

Mother:- How was your day today?

Youngster:- It was great Mom. I delighted in a considerable measure with my companions.

Mother:- Oh! That is great. What did educator instructed today?

Youngster:- She showed us another Math lesson and took a test.

Mother:- You didn’t disclosed to me yesterday that you will have a test.

Youngster:- It was an unexpected test.

Mother:- How was your test?

Youngster:- It was alright. There were few inquiry whose answer i didn’t knew.

Mother:- Ok. However, you ought to set up your lessons day by day. At any rate ensure that you finish your lesson that is shown today in the school.

Youngster:- For beyond any doubt Mom.

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