Course Fee



(Command on English language)


(Become Confident Public Speaker)


(Be pro at Public speaking with an amazing personality)

Basic and Advanced Grammar

Full mantras of utilitarian language structure with score test Build Vocabulary, phrases Pronunciation rehearse.

Communication Skills

Talking abilities – Day to day discussions workmanship

Composing abilities – formal and casual written work

Listening aptitudes – understanding and grasping

Perusing aptitudes – daily paper and learning books

Speech and Presentation

Snappy Speaking Practice-Impromptu and unpremeditated, Role plays, Art of reacting and remarking. Narrating, Speeches – arrangement of addresses, Presentation aptitudes – PPT prop and gathering introduction.

Interview and Job skills

Telephonic discussion rehearse (formal and casual) SWOT Analysis; Resume writing to taunt talk with sessions. Gathering dialog and level headed discussions with the best tips.

Personality Development

Non-verbal communication Gestures and stances,

Dispose of stage dread and manufacture certainty,

Defeat tension and anxiety,

Figure out how to convey talk at platform.

3 EP’s of Communication Skills

From rightness to solidness get the competency to bargain better in the English dialect. Inventiveness in composing for better substance, Get freed of MTI and show signs of improvement elocution. Ace vocabulary abilities and glossary block test. Adages and relationship in day by day correspondence.

Insight of Speech and Presentation

Off the cuff and impromptu to be unconstrained.

Turn into an incredible story teller, Role plays.

Stage talk-Heart winning substance tips, specialty of awesome discourses, Art of conveying Motivational addresses. Contemporary introduction aptitudes –PowerPoint.

Revamp Public speaking 

Body language, Non-verbal communication and voice adjustment.

Dispose of stage trepidation and construct certainty.

Be supernatural at platform. Defeat uneasiness and anxiety.

3 Dimensional Talk

Familiarity ability, figure expertise and Filler aptitude

Power of Verbal CommunicationSpecialty of anticipating your discourse with your quality. Highlight balance. Craft of depending and reacting in the casual banter with beauty.

Lost Art of Great Speeches -Heart winning Pro Talk, helpful and motivational addresses. Expand your perspective of open talking with Pro Talk’s discourse accumulation. Move toward becoming story teller. Know the mystery of legends’ introduction abilities.

Interview and job Skills – Telephonic discussion rehearse (formal and casual) SWOT Analysis, Resume and CV composing Group dialog and level headed discussions with the best traps to nail it. Singular Mock Interview Practice with assessment of six layers of correspondence. Impact of initiative in vocation and life, specialty of transaction. Relational aptitudes and meeting decorum.

Pro Talk Skills Power – 12 methodology of Successful off the cuff. Key-note Talk, Develop Showmanship, Sense of funniness to be a characteristic entertainer stand-up drama. Handle apprehension and uneasiness in front of an audience with control. Occasion mooring. Charismatic skill craftsmanship, IQ and EQ and SRT. Figure out how to deal with your gathering of people

Best speeches.

Self–Image Evaluation – Prep your certainty back to front. Social graces, Know your dress style to enable your picture. Enduring First Impression Power. Aristotle’s insider facts of influence, Make feeling of your appearance from work to party.

(2 Hours per session)

3 months – 1 day a week – 12000 (Optional)

3 months – 5 days a week – 26500 (Weekdays)

Instalment fee – (14500X2 = 29000)

1st at the time of admission & 2nd after a month

6 months – 2 days a week – 26500 (Weekends)

Instalment fee – (14500X2 = 29000)

1st at the time of admission & 2nd after a month

(3 Hours per session)

2 months – 3 days a week – 26500 (Weekdays)

Instalment fee – (14500X2 = 29000)

3 months – 2 days a week – 26500 (Weekends)

Instalment fee – (14500X2 = 29000)

1st at the time of admission & 2nd after a month

(3 Hours per session)

1 month – 3 days a week – 20000

4 Months – 49000 (onetime fee)

Instalment fee – (26000X2 = 52000)

1st at the time of admission & 2nd after a month

(This tailored course is designed to impart Life Skills Lessons)

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