Trees are our closest companions. They assume a vital part in our life. We can’t live without them. They are exceptionally basic to our condition. They give us numerous things which are valuable for our day by day lives. We are subject to trees for the satisfaction of the fundamental needs of our lives, for example, nourishment, protect, attire, even wellbeing. However, most importantly, the formation of an eco-accommodating planet is subject to the trees. Since they developed, trees have impacted the molding of the nature of our planet and in deciding the present game plans of life on earth.

Trees assume an essential part in the climate and atmosphere. Trees give us sustenance and haven. They likewise give kindling, furniture and prescription. The underlying foundations of the trees hold the dampness of the dirt. It can assimilate water and salts from the earth and transport them up to the leaves, now and then more than 400ft above. The foundations of the trees hold the dirt solidly and forestall soil disintegration. This prompts to the expansion in the ground water level and the coherence of water cycle gets adjusted bringing about great downpours. By methods for photosynthesis, the leaves then join the water and salts with carbon dioxide from the air to create the supplements, which fill in as sustenance for the tree. Trees likewise clean dirtied air by expelling carbon di oxide from the air. At last trees keep the dry spell and give greenery to the earth. Aside from dealing with the dirt and water, the trees give asylum to numerous creatures and winged animals in the woodlands which eventually help in the biological adjust of the nature. The trees give us shade and the breeze will be so cool in the spots where there are number trees. Many individuals who experience the ill effects of incessant illnesses are said to feel better when they were placed in an excellent tree encompassed zones. Having more number of trees around will lessen the dangerous impacts of a worldwide temperature alteration.

We are underestimating the trees and felling them barbarously

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Discussion amongst Doctor and Patient – Spoken English

Basic Conversation with A Doctor :

Specialist : Hello! What would I be able to accomplish for you?

Understanding : Good Morning Doctor. I am not well.

Specialist : Come and stay here.

Specialist : Open your mouth.

Specialist : How long would you say you are not well?

Understanding : Since yesterday.

Specialist : No issue did you have Motion yesterday?

Quiet : No Doctor-not all that openly.

Quiet : Doctor I feel jazzed.

Quiet : I don’t have a craving for eating by any stretch of the imagination.

Specialist : then?

Quiet : I have a craving for heaving.

Specialist : Do you take a considerable measure of water?

Quiet : No, specialist I wear’ take excessively.

Specialist : Did you take any drug?

Persistent : Yes Doctor, I took Anacin.

Specialist : who instructed you to take it?

Persistent : Nobody Doctor I took it myself.

Specialist : why did you take it?

Understanding : Because I felt migraine.

Specialist : Nothing to be stressed at.

Specialist : Do you require quick help?

Tolerant : No need sir. It is sufficient you give prescriptions.

At whatever point you visit your specialist, give him as much data as you can about your wellbeing, regardless of whether he asks you or not. Try not to feel timid on the off chance that it is humiliating. Simply share everything so that the specialist can treat you better. Here are a few cases of things you ought to share:

• Tell every one of your side effects or any progressions that have jumped out at your body before or amid the day you’ve fallen wiped out.

• Tell about your past ailments, medications, and operations.

• If you’re as of now taking solutions because of some past disease, bring the rundown of meds that you’ve been taken to your arrangement. Enlighten the specialist regarding how frequently and the amount you take these medications.

• Tell your specialist on the off chance that you are oversensitive to something or ever had responses, symptoms, or anything previously.

• Also, let him know whether you take some natural options, items, supplements, solutions, or medicines.

Additionally, bear in mind to make inquiries at whatever point you don’t comprehend something or your specialist may imagine that you have comprehended all that he has let you know. Here are a few cases of such inquiries:

• Can you clarify me in insight about this treatment?

• What are the potential outcomes that this treatment will work?

• How much does this treatment cost?

• Will this treatment cure me for all time or for quite a while?

• How frequently do I have to visit you?

• When will I see a distinction?

• Do I have different alternatives?

• Will this treatment hurt?

• Are there any symptoms?

• If yes, then what should be possible about them?

Or, then again ask anything that is confounding you until you’re fulfilled. Here is a specimen discussion amongst specialist and patient that will help you start and proceed with the exchange.

Test Conversation Between Doctor and Patient

Specialist: Hello, what’s the matter?

George: I have a shocking torment in my left hand.

Specialist: For to what extent has your hand been annoying you?

George: It’s been over seven days. It was alright, yet from the most recent two days, I can’t hold up under it.

Specialist: Well, has it been harmed or harmed some time recently?

George: No specialist, this is the first run through.

Specialist: Have you taken any pharmaceutical?

George: Yes, I have been taking this painkiller.

Specialist: Any other data you would need me to know before I begin checking your hand?

George: Yes, I conveyed a substantial box two weeks before with both hands. It was alright then, yet following seven days, my left hand began harming.

Specialist: Oh, that is weird. We should observe your hand.

Another Example

Quiet : May I come in, Sir?

Specialist : Yes, you may.

Quiet : I’ve been experiencing fever for as far back as two days.

Specialist : Did you take any pharmaceutical?

Quiet : No, I didn’t. I have an icy as well.

(Specialist looks at the patient.)

Specialist : Your body temperature is 102° F. You should take pharmaceuticals for no less than three days.

Quiet : Can I go to office?

Specialist : You shouldn’t. You should take rest.

Quiet : What about the eating regimen?

Specialist : You ought to be on fluid eating routine.

Persistent : Should I see you once more?

Specialist : You needn’t. Be that as it may, if the fever holds on for over three days, come and see me.

Tolerant : Sure.

Specialist : Here is the medicine.

Tolerant : Thank you, Sir.

Specialist : You’re invite.

Illustration 3

The accompanying is a discussion between a restless patient and a specialist, before an operation:

Tolerant : Is the surgery a noteworthy one?

Specialist : Yes, it is.

Tolerant : How long will it take?

Specialist : 1/2 ? hours

Understanding : Will I be given a neighborhood or general sedative?

Specialist : General.

Understanding : Will there be any delayed consequences?

Specialist : Except for shortcoming and a little queasiness, you’ll be fine.

Understanding : Will it be excruciating a while later ?

Specialist : Yes. In any case, don’t stress, you’ ll be given agony executioners.

Understanding : What will be the cost of the surgery?

Specialist : Rs.75,000/ – including post-agent mind.


neighborhood sedative : a medication that causes loss of feeling in one a player in the body

general sedative : a medication that causes obviousness

eventual outcomes : impacts that take after the essential activity of something

present agent : relating on the period after surgery

hurl : create or let out

whoop : a boisterous, energized yell

multi-claim to fame : containing many branches of pharmaceutical

pediatrics : the branch of medication worried with kids and their sicknesses

injury : passionate stun; physical harm

orthopedics : the branch of medication worried with the amendment of bone and muscle distortions

cardiovascular : identifying with the heart

present natal : relating on the period after birth

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Cucumber on a white background

Cucumber on a white background

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ailibi – DAAVA Kerna (hindi)


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Candidate: May I come in, sir?

Interviewer: Come in please….. have a seat.

Candidate: Thanks.

Interviewer: Please tell us something about you.

Candidate: I passed 12th from CBSE with 75% marks. Now I am doing graduation from University of Delhi. I am also doing a part time job as a computer operator. My hobbies are watching cricket and listening to music.

Interviewer: Where are you working?

Candidate: I am working at the office of a chartered accountant in CP.

Interviewer: How much salary are you taking?

Candidate: Rs.3000/- per month.

Interviewer: Why do you want to leave that job?

Candidate: Firstly it is a part time job and I want to do a full time job. Secondly I am not interested in accounting.
Interviewer: You are doing graduation. How will you be able to do a full time job?

Candidate: I am doing graduation through correspondence. Therefore I am able to do a full time job.

Interviewer: Why do you want to join a call centre?

Candidate: I like to talk to others. Moreover, career prospectus are bright in a big company. Talent is valued here.

Interviewer: Cricket is one of your hobbies. Now tell me, who is better batsman – Sehwag or Brian Lara?

Candidate: In my opinion Lara is more experienced and a better batsman.

Interviewer: Which type of music do you like to listen to?

Candidate: I enjoy both classical and pop music.

Interviewer: Why do Punjabi pop songs are more popular in India than songs of any other Indian language?

Candidate: They are melodious and foot-tapping

Interviewer: Who is your favourite family member?

Candidate: My father is my favourite.

Interviewer: Why is he your favourite?

Candidate: He is hard-working and wise. Now and then he sits with us and gives friendly guidance.

Interviewer: If you are made the chief minister of Delhi state what would be your first two steps?

Candidate: To remove illegal encroachments from the city and ensure parking places in each colony.

Interviewer: And if you become God for one day tell us one thing you would like to do.

Candidate: To create a new world without violence.

Interview: How many buttons does your shirt have?

Candidate: Sorry sir, I never counted them.

Interviewer: When did Akbar the great land on moon?

Candidate: Actually he never landed on moon. He was king of India, a great mogul.

Interviewer: What is your weak point?

Candidate: Eating spicy food.

Interviewer: What is the main strength of your personality?

Candidate: The ability to talk to any person without hesitation.

Interviewer: Where do you see yourself after five years?

Candidate: Working in your company at a senior position.

Interviewer: Speak a few sentences on ‘a bunch of ripe bananas’.

Candidate: It reflects a healthy and zestful life. It also fills us with a feeling of togetherness. A spirit of cooperation among employees makes them more useful and valuable. . If we work in a team we become very competitive. Therefore join hands and move forward with confidence.

Interviewer: I am impressed with your answers. Would you like to have your appointment letter just now and join the company from the first of coming month.

Candidate: Definitely. Thanking you a lot for giving me an opportunity to serve the company.

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